Pool Repairing

Pool Repairing Services

The most common repairing jobs are the change of the skimmer, change of bottom drain, installation or removal of water jets, repair of water leaks and installation of pool equipment (pump, filter, ladder, water heater).

Other offered services

  • Pressure Testing / Leak Repair
  • Skimmer change, water return, bottom drain
  • Repair and change of steps
  • Replacement of lights
  • Filterer sand change
  • Change of canvas of in-ground or in-ground pools
  • Chlorine generator installation
  • Delivery and installation of pool heaters
  • Installation of automated control panels
  • Drain and pool cleaning
  • Sandblasting services (recycled glass)
  • Epoxy painting
  • Repair & renovation of Spas
  • Repair & renovation of Fountains

Before (interior view)

Before (exterior view)


Sandblasting Services

It is common that before we repaint your concrete pool, we need to remove the traces of the old paint. If not, it will eventually lead to new paint coming off and more damages to the pool. Best way to prevent this is by Sandblasting. This process involves using equipment to direct an abrasive medium at the pool's surface at a high pressure. Common sandblasting media are crushed glass, steel grit, aluminum oxide etc.

Cracks Repair & Injection

We know the winter season is bit harsh in Canada. Sometimes this could make your concrete pool crack and warp. These cracks get water locked in them and later when water freezes, it forces the cracks to widen. If these cracks are not repaired on time, this could go worse and eventually ending up requiring lots of work. We repair cracks in your pool deck or sidewalks and paint them with epoxy helping your pool last longer.

Pool Tiling & Coating

Tiling of the pool is as important as painting the pool. Tiling the pool can make the pool look very attractive and protective. Tiling is done either the entire pool walls and the floor or just few rows at the waterline. Ceramic tiles are used for the purpose. Also make sure the pattern and placement of these tiles suites on your pool. Call us for a free estimate for Pool Tiling services from Refecto.

Spas & Fountains

Refecto Aquatique offers services primarily for concrete pools, but our services are not just limited to this. Our services also include repairing your other water installations like Spas and Fountains. To list a few – Painting spa and fountains, Repairing the water installations, Sandblasting services, Water pump repairing, Tiling and coating of the spa etc.
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